About TheSmart Accounting
The perfect match for freelancers, contractors and small businesses.

Why choose us?

We know that life as a freelancer or small business owner is demanding enough without dealing with the stress of keeping your finances in order. Which is why we’ve built TheSmart Accounting around the needs of people just like you. People who want to concentrate on their core business – and not let the numbers distract them from what they do best.

Your own dedicated, qualified accountant

Over the years, thousands of our clients have told us what they really want from their accountancy firm. It’s clear they don’t want to be passed between general account managers, or speak to a random accountant who may not have all their information to hand. This is why we provide every client with their own dedicated qualified accountant – an expert picked for your individual needs; someone who can talk in your language and really get to know you and your businesses. Your own “accountant friend”.

Award-winning online accounts software

With TheSmart Accounting, you also have some of the world’s best online accounting software to help you keep track of your business finances, wherever, whenever. We have our own award-winning online accountancy platform – a beautiful, intuitive, easy-to-use mission control for your business that puts everything in one place, and leaves you in charge of your business finances.

So, that’s TheSmart Accounting A winning combination of friendly, jargon-free accountants and super-smart tech. And the perfect match for your business.